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Peyton Manning Should Land With Kansas City Chiefs, According To Mel Kiper

The Kansas City Chiefs have some major decisions to make at quarterback. Will Matt Cassel come back after injury and be the franchise QB the team wants him to be? Was he that even before the injury? Should the team invest a high draft pick next April in the position? Do they have anything in Ricky Stanzi worthy of notice? What about Kyle Orton if he impresses in the next few weeks? Mel Kiper might have the best question yet: Why not trade for Peyton Manning from the Indianapolis Colts?

Kiper made a recent list of several teams that warrant consideration should the Colts decide to trade Manning and the Chiefs come in the top four destinations. "In my analysis last week I pointed out that Matt Cassel is by no means a bad NFL quarterback," writes Kiper, "but he's been very up and down, and it goes without saying that if the Chiefs had elite QB play, they'd be in play to win a pretty even division. In fact, with Manning, don't the Chiefs become the favorites out West next season?"

That last line is really the bottom line. What puts the Chiefs in the best position to win? Whatever is the answer to that question is the very thing the team must do.