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NFL Picks: Peter King Predicts Chicago Bears Will Beat Kansas City Chiefs In Week 13

In his week 13 NFL picks, Peter King follows suit with a lot of other sportswriters around the country in predicting the Chicago Bears will best the Kansas City Chiefs at Soldier Field on Sunday. The final score? Bears 22, Chiefs 12. It's an odd score, but then again, this is an odd game with a string of unlikely quarterbacks that include everyone but who it should -- Jay Cutler and Matt Cassel.

King writes, "Just think: The quarterbacks in this game by the start of the third quarter could be Josh McCown and Kyle Orton. How weird would that feel for Orton, trying to beat the team that traded him for Jay Cutler, trying to beat the team that claimed him when Cutler got hurt, trying to beat the team that wishes he were their quarterback today instead of Caleb Hanie and Josh McCown."

King also predicts the Raiders to lose to the Dolphins, the Broncos to beat the Vikings and the Chargers to beat the Jaguars.