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Kyle Orton Injury Report: Still In Uniform On Sidelines For Chiefs

There’s not much news coming out of Kansas City on the state of the Chiefs quarterback Kyle Orton, who suffered a dislocated finger upon entering the game for the Chiefs for the first time since being claimed on waivers from the Denver Broncos. In total, he was 0 for 1 and failed to generate what the Chiefs were hoping for when they claimed him. Yet the Chiefs have been lucky today to have such a strong defense and they will walk away with a win in Chicago most likely today.

As for Orton’s future, no one knows anything at this point — or at least they’re not telling. Josh Looney is reporting that Orton is still in uniform on the sidelines so he’s apparently not suffering enough to be in the locker room — giving good notice that he might still be available next week if the Chiefs want to turn that direction.