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'Hail Todd Haley': Chiefs Head Coach Did 'Smart Thing' With Hail Mary Against Chicago Bears

Todd Haley certainly has his detractors as the Kansas City Chiefs head coach, but he has a fan in Mike Silver of the way he handled the team’s playcalling on Sunday against the Chicago Bears. At the end of the first half, Haley decided to go for it with a Hail Mary to the end zone that wound up being the only touchdown scored for the entire game. Silver says it was the right move.

He writes, “The Kansas City Chiefs’ 10-3 victory over the Bears in Chicago reinforced the notion, addressed in this column last week, that it’s always better to take a shot at the end zone than to take a knee to end a half (or game tied in regulation). Kansas City scored the game’s only touchdown, and its first offensive TD in 12 quarters, when Tyler Palko threw a 38-yard pass up for grabs, Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher swatted it downward and scatback/receiver Dexter McCluster somehow got his hands under it for the score on the final play before halftime. Hail Mary – and hail Todd Haley for doing the smart and obvious thing.”