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Kansas City Chiefs Playoff Scenarios: Can The Chiefs Win Out And Still Make The Dance?

The Kansas City Chiefs still have a feint glimmer of hope of making the playoffs as three of their next four opponents are all jockeying for playoff position in the AFC.

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With a miraculous and somewhat lucky victory over the Chicago Bears on Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs were able to keep their slim playoff hopes alive with four games to play. At 5-7, Todd Haley's Chiefs have their backs against the wall, but their destiny may lay in their own hands as three of the four teams ahead of them in the playoff race are on their schedule.

The Jets, Raiders and Broncos all await the wrath of the Chiefs. All are 7-5, and all are still jockeying for position in the playoff race. Conceivably, if the Chiefs could beat all three then the playoff picture could get quite murky for everyone involved. Of course, the Chiefs could potentially make their case iron-clad if they could beat the 12-0 Green Bay Packers in two weeks...

....but lets just take this one week at a time.

Here are the playoff standings for the AFC heading into week 14:

1. New England Patriots 9-3 AFC East Champ
2. Baltimore Ravens 9-3 AFC North Champ
3. Houston Texans 9-3 AFC South Champ
4. Denver Broncos 7-5 AFC West Champ
5. Pittsburgh Steelers 9-3
6. Cincinnati Bengals 7-5 Wins tie break over Titans, Raiders and Jets based on best conference win pct.

7. Tennessee Titans 7-5 Wins tie break over Raiders and Jets based on best conference win pct.
8. Oakland Raiders 7-5 Wins tie break over Jets based on best conference win pct.
9. New York Jets 7-5

11. Kansas City Chiefs 5-7

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