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Justin Houston, Derrick Johnson And Tamba Hali Dominated Chicago Bears On Sunday

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Pro Football Focus has gone through the game tape of the Kansas City Chiefs 10-3 win over the Chicago Bears from Sunday afternoon, and the end results were good for the KC linebackers. Names like Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali and Justin Houston provided key stops for the Chiefs and kept the opposition close enough for a Hail Mary to win the game.

Ben Stockwell writes, "On a day where malaise and mediocrity was in vogue, the one unit that really upped their game was the Chiefs’ linebackers. All four of their starters contributed in extremely positive ways and fueled the Chiefs’ stifling defensive display. The play of Derrick Johnson (+4.5) has been well documented in our game reviews here at PFF this season, but he once again put a dominant display. His work in run defense was as strong as ever – his tackle that dealt Matt Forte his injury was a particularly impressive defensive play; going under the block of Matt Spaeth to get to the Bears’ runner at the line.

“Johnson was not alone this week as Tamba Hali (3.2) was his usual explosive self and rookie Justin Houston (3.7) recorded his strongest showing as a pass rusher with three sacks, a pressure and a batted pass.”