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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Justin Blackmon Vaults To No. 3 To St. Louis Rams

Wes Bunting of the National Football Post has just released his first NFL Mock Draft for 2012 and while it’s not the full first round, we now have an idea of where some of the bigger Big 12 prospects could be going. The good news is that their stock is quite high. We already discussed Robert Griffin III, but apparently one team’s need for a wide receiver is so big that they’re reaching higher than Griffin to grab the best around: Justin Blackmon of Oklahoma State.

Bunting has the St. Louis Rams grabbing Blackmon at No. 3 overall in the draft and writes, “Is Blackmon the 3rd best prospect in the draft? Absolutely not. However, he’s the kind of prospect you know what you’re getting with and he fills a massive void at receiver for the Rams.”

Blackmon just won the Biletnikoff Award in 2010 as the best wide receiver in college football and he’s likely to do so again this year. He’s the total package at wideout and it’s clear those targets make high draft picks (i.e. A.J. Green at No. 4 for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2011).