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Peyton Manning Trade: Mike Lombardi Says 'Nearly Every Team In NFL' Would Be Interested

The biggest decision in the NFL facing any front office is the one quandary that the Indianapolis Colts are having to take on now and in the months to come. As the likely holders of the No. 1 choice in the NFL Draft, it's clear that Andrew Luck should be the choice given the questions that will still loom regarding Peyton Manning's health (and the consequences when he doesn't play). Yet can the two co-exist? That's the question everyone is asking when they're not talking about Tim Tebow.

Mike Lombardi of the NFL Network recently weighed in with his thoughts on Peyton Manning and said that the number of teams interested would include nearly everyone in the NFL:

"Let’s say they decide they want to trade him," Lombardi suggests. "Then clearly the trading team would re-do the contract with Peyton Manning and then they would be able to make the trade and accept it for their cap. There are a lot of ways to get around this, but clearly, re-doing the contract is the first step."

That scenario would take Manning’s approval, giving him leverage. These are tense days in Indianapolis, but whether or not Manning wants out badly enough behind the scenes probably is something only Archie Manning really knows. Considering Manning could be called the MVP of the league (again) without even playing a down, nearly every team would want to be involved in those trade conversations. As Lombardi suggests, it seems logical the Colts wouldn’t want Manning anywhere in the AFC after a trade. That narrows the field by half.

If they're not counting out the AFC entirely, then the Kansas City Chiefs have to be included among the possibilities.