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NFL Draft 2012: Justin Blackmon Announces He's Going Pro

The 2012 NFL Draft just received its greatest offensive playmaker with the announcement on ESPN that Justin Blackmon is going to make himself available for the April draft.

"I'm pretty sure that it will be (my last game)," Blackmon said about the Fiesta Bowl. "I think it's just time. It's that time to go. I came back last year to win a Big 12 championship, set us up for a BCS bowl and I think we did that."

Dan Kadar at Mocking the Draft says that several teams will immediately set their sights on the wideout. "That sound you may have just heard was the fans of the St. Louis Rams, Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars. Each looks like they'll have a top five pick in April and have needs at wide receiver. All season, Blackmon has been considered one of the three best wide receivers eligible for the draft, and may have surpassed Notre Dame's Michael Floyd and South Carolina's Alshon Jeffery for the top spot."