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The Business Of Tim Tebow: How The Broncos Are Cashing In

If Tebowmania makes the NFL Playoffs, then all bets are off as to what can happen and how big the fan frenzy would be. A big business would become astronomical.

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Tim Tebow is good for the city of Denver. That much is true.

No matter how much credit you want to give the Broncos starting quarterback for the team's current winning streak (which for me is not that much compared to the head coach, pass rush and the running game), it's hard to deny that Tebow has been good for the Broncos in so many ways.

The obvious signs are in the stands and the standings. The Broncos have risen from a 1-4 team to first place in the AFC West, and if Tebowmania makes the NFL Playoffs, then all bets are off as to what can happen and how big the fan frenzy would be. That said, he's also been good for business. Very good. Albert Breer writes:

Here's how ridiculous it's gotten: The wife of Broncos president Joe Ellis wanted a Tebow jersey, and couldn't find one, despite having some pretty good connections at Dove Valley. As Ellis himself puts it, "It's a tough one to find."

And then, of course, earlier this week, there was the mudwrestling between CBS and NBC over the Patriots-Broncos game on Dec. 18, something that was pretty unimaginable a year ago when the team was playing out the string with an interim coach and Ellis was trying to help find direction for a franchise that had lost its way. "We'd have taken that result," he said.

"This place is on fire for Sunday," Ellis continued from his office on Thursday night. "We track the sales of our tickets on the secondary market, on the Internet -- eBay, StubHub, Ticketmaster, Razorgator. We track all of it. And this week, there are a very limited number of tickets available for purchase. And the reason, we think, is all the season-ticket holders are showing on Sunday. They're all in. That tells me that on Sunday, Sports Authority Field is gonna be electric and alive."

It's not just in Denver, either. The team's television ratings are up 18-20 percent from this point last year, and while the Broncos have a sellout streak that stretches back to 1970 officially, they have seen a boost in premium seating and suite sales. And while Ellis wants to spread the credit, he's well aware of the buzz the guy who wears No. 15 is generating.

This all leads to a very important point for every team to consider when watching the Broncos and their rise in several categories. Kansas is learning this (and will continue to do so) with their hiring of Charlie Weis as the new Jayhawks head coach. It's something that the Kansas City Chiefs need to put into practice for the sake of their own quarterback quandary.

If the Chiefs announce that Matt Cassel is coming back next year as the starter with Tyler Palko and Stanzi backing him up, they're missing out on the chance to generate some real numbers -- not just wins on the field (although that is to be debated, I'm sure) but the chance to generate some other numbers off of the field (not to be debated). The reason a fan base wants Scott Pioli to reach out and grab the next great quarterback of the future isn't just a random hope for greatness but a chance to get excited again. And that sells even if the product on the field isn't that pretty to watch at first.