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Norv Turner's Hot Seat Has San Diego Chargers Players Upset

If quarterback Philip Rivers speaks for the entire team, the San Diego Chargers are taking it rather hard that their head coach is under the microscope every other season. This year is perhaps the year that will get Norv Turner fired from his post given the six-game losing streak that likely buried the Chargers playoff hopes in 2011. Then again, in the AFC West, anything is possible.

Rivers told's Albert Breer, ""I hope no one plays any harder now than they have been, because then we'd have been cheating ourselves. But we hear the talk. And I'll bet you this: There's not one guy in that locker room who wouldn't tell you he loves playing for Norv. He's never gotten the credit he deserves."

Rivers went on to say, ""He's had a lot to do with why we've won so many games around here. When we were 4-8 (in 2008), he's a reason we got out of it. He's a reason we won 11 in a row (in 2009). He's never flinched, and I know from the outside, that looks like he's laid back, but he wants to win more than anyone and he's as passionate as anyone. This all has been rough on everyone."

Despite the knocks he's taken, the reality is that Turner has a 46-30 record in five seasons as San Diego's head coach. Of course they've been a very talented bunch and failed to put it all together. Yet most teams would take that record in a heartbeat.