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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Robert Griffin III Moves Up Mel Kiper's Big Board

Mel Kiper has once again updated his Big Board — a list of the top 25 players he likes for the upcoming NFL Draft. It’s not a list of the order he believes they will be taken, but instead is simply a list of his favorite 25 players for the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft in the order that they will impact the game. It’s good news, then, for Robert Griffin III that Kiper likes his stock so much that he moves him up 10 spots in his latest board.

Kiper writes, “Has elite athleticism and has altered and improved his delivery, resulting in better accuracy on downfield throws. Smart kid who will shine during interviews. No ill effects from 2009 knee injury. Remarkable numbers.”

The Baylor quarterback is currently up for the Heisman Trophy and his current stock is likely moving him past other quarterbacks who will be available in the draft. He’s not likely to overtake Andrew Luck, but it wouldn’t surprise to see Griffin landing a spot before Matt Barkley of USC when all is said and done.