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Kansas City Chiefs Will Again Rely On Defense Against New York Jets

If the Kansas City Chiefs are going to win any more games this season it's going to be because of the defense. Tyler Palko and the Chiefs offense have shown very little over the past three football games and all the time it's been the Chiefs defense that has been rising to the occasion. For any fan that loves watching teams move the ball up and down the field in an offensive explosion, you'll need to steer clear of the Chiefs games for the rest of the season.

But if you like watching a teams' defense carry all the weight of the success of the team then you better tune in for the last four game of the Kansas City Chiefs this season. The sudden emergence of rookie linebacker Justin Houston has been a welcomed sight to the Chiefs defense, and especially Tamba Hali, who has carried the teams' weight in pass rushing as a solo act over the past couple of seasons. Houston had a breakout game against the Chicago Bears where the former Georgia Bulldog had three sacks on Bears quarterback, Caleb Hanie. Those three sacks were crucial in the Chiefs 10-3 victory in Chicago last week.

It will be on Tamba Hali and Justin Houston to make Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez feel uncomfortable in the pocket. Without making Sanchez feel the pressure, there is no way the Chiefs will win this game. So the game plan for the Chiefs has to be pretty simple, hit Sanchez early and often and hope for a couple of turnovers and short fields to help the offense try and put some points on the board.

It will be interesting to see how the defense continues to react as the offense continues to sputter. It's going to take a big defensive play or special teams play for the Chiefs to come away with a victory in New York. Given the way the defense has played over the past three weeks I wouldn't say that it's out of the question, but given the way the offense has played, it wouldn't be a shocker to see the team throw up a zero-spot either. At this point spreading it out and letting Baldwin, Bowe and Breaston try and make some plays in space would be the Chiefs best bet.

Maybe get McCluster open in space one time and let him break off a big play. Those 10+ play drives that eat up the clock and establish the offenses identity for the game, yeah, those won't happen with Tyler Palko at the helm so the Chiefs should look for some big play opportunities and take a few more chances than normal. It's their only shot offensively.