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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Could Chiefs Address Defensive Line In First Round Again?

It might seem a ridiculous notion to some, especially those who’ve been watching the past several Chiefs drafts, but a new mock draft takes the 2011 Chiefs in an unexpected direction.

Instead of the typical pass rushing help or offensive line choice, the latest mock draft from Bleacher Report has the Chiefs taking some defensive line help. Not only that, but it’s another prospect from LSU — this time, Drake Nevis, defensive tackle.

Many will laugh given the Chiefs already have Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey from Louisiana State, but few would argue against the idea that the Chiefs need further help on their defensive front. And that’s exactly what BR is thinking:

Kansas City has a great young defense, mainly the secondary. It still needs more pressure up front. Although I think the offensive line could use insurance and they definitely need another wider receiver opposite Dwayne Bowe, I think the Chiefs would like to continue building their young defensive core to stop AFC West offensive threats like Philip Rivers and Darren McFadden.