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Other Franchise Tags: Peyton Manning, Michael Vick, Vincent Jackson

The Kansas City Chiefs aren't the only team faced with a situation where the franchise tag may be used. Starting on Feb. 10 and lasting until Feb. 24, teams are eligible to use the franchise tag which is basically a one-year deal of the average of the five highest paid players at that position. The Chiefs may use it on LB Tamba Hali but several other teams will likely be utilizing it.

Who else could receive the franchise tag?

There's QB Peyton Manning with the Indianapolis Colts. There's no way the Colts will let him walk so I can see him receiving the tag, which would actually be about $23 million for one year since his 2010 salary was so high.

There's QB Michael Vick with the Philadelphia Eagles, who is expected to be tagged. That will be in the neighborhood of $17 million to Vick while still paying backup QB Kevin Kolb.

There's WR Vincent Jackson with the San Diego Chargers. I'm not sure if he'll ever sign a long-term deal in San Diego but the Chargers clearly think he's a talented player. Jackson is a good case to show why the players don't like the franchise tag. He still hasn't had his big pay day in the form of a second contract -- he was one of the players caught under the four-to-six year change in restricted free agency in the capless year -- and has no long-term financial security. 

There's G Logan Mankins of the New England Patriots. Like Jackson, he was a holdout this year but may receive the franchise tag. 

There's LB LaMarr Woodley of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He's in a similar situation as Hali in terms of money he may be seeking.

So Hali won't be the only one receiving the tag this year. Other players will be, too.