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Chiefs LB Tamba Hali Could Cure New England's Pass Rushing Woes

On the one hand, paying attention to rumors like these is like believing Glenn Beck or Keith Olbermann are unbiased news reporters. Then again, we’ve seen our last kickoff for many months so we might as well get used to clamoring for whatever we can find, right?

There’s no guarantee that free agency will even come around at all, given the state of NFL labor negotiations. However, if/when things find some sense of normalcy, there’s no denying Tamba Hali will be one of the hottest names on the market. Even if/when the Chiefs franchise him in the next two weeks, until he signs a long-term agreement, the rumor mill will still churn with possible trade options.

The Bleacher Report listed Hali today as a major free agent target for the New England Patriots given their 3-4 system, similarities to Willie McGinest and pass rushing woes with their current roster.

In Kansas City, their defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel is New England’s former defensive coordinator in their dynasty years. Belichick should consider signing Hali, because he’d be a nice upgrade from Ninkovich, and would be a three-down player that can disrupt the passing game and running game of the opposing offense.

Perhaps it’s all for nothing, but it’s fun to dream (only for Patriots fans, in this instance).