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Shaun Rogers Leaves Kansas City Chiefs Visit Without Contract

The Kansas City Chiefs hosted free agent defensive lineman Shaun Rogers on Tuesday. Rogers was released by the Cleveland Browns last week and is now a free agent free to sign with any team before March 3rd, when the labor deal between the owners and players expires. Rogers has also visited the Washington Redskins.

Rogers took to his Twitter account to write that he enjoyed his brief stay in Kansas City but he's off to New Orleans to visit the Saints. 

Chiefs DE Shaun Smith did a bit of lobbying saying Kansas City doesn't know what would happen if they had both of them on the field together. Smith and Rogers played together in Cleveland under Romeo Crennel.

It's possible we haven't heard the last of Shaun Rogers. He wants to play for a winner after spending his entire career with the Lions and Browns. He's also in demand right now so he has the leverage for the next couple weeks to make his visits and pick his team. 

We've talked before about free agents wanting to come to Kansas City now that the Chiefs are becoming a good team. The Shaun Rogers situation will be a good test on that.