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Shaun Rogers Done With Visits (For Now) After Trips To Redskins, Chiefs And Saints

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As of now there won't be a 2011 free agency period but there are still free agents. One of those is DT Shaun Rogers, who was released by the Cleveland Browns last week. Rogers is an unrestricted free agent and free to sign with anyone. Right now, he's the biggest name out there and reportedly drew interest from upwards of 10 teams.

As far as we know, he's visited three teams -- Washington Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that, as of now, he has no more visits scheduled.

There are a few questions I have if the Chiefs are interested in him.

First, what can Kansas City expect out of him? A knock on Rogers is that he takes plays off. I'm not a scout, and I don't have his game tape, so I can't answer whether that's accurate, but the perception is certainly out there. Someone who takes plays off doesn't sound like a player the Chiefs would be pursuing.

Second, does he want to be on a winner? Rogers has played his entire career with the Detroit Lions and Browns. There are indications that he wants to play for a winner. The Chiefs won 10 games last year and their arrow seems to be pointing up so I think they would be considered a winner.

Third, would bringing Rogers in mean someone else is leaving? If the Chiefs brought Rogers in, would that spell the end of NT Ron Edwards? Or would it mean the end of DE Shaun Smith? We're not sure what the Chiefs plans would be if they brought him in but both Edwards and Smith are without a contract for 2011.