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Dexter McCluster Goes Back To School

These days you can tell how boring the NFL offseason is by the pick-up in activity from NFL players on Twitter. No longer are Wednesday through Friday considered practice days. Instead, they're spent working out, hanging out and doing whatever it is NFL players do on their free time.

For Kansas City Chiefs WR Dexter McCluster, his free time is spent trying to get his degree at Ole Miss, which he promised his mother and daughter he would do.

Via WREG in Memphis, TN:

McCluster said, "You know I don't know if I'll be walking, but to have that piece of paper in my hand would be a great accomplishment, and my daughter she will receive a full scholarship if I graduate and join the M Club. I'm doing this for her and my mother."

McCluster has two classes left at Ole Miss, including an Independent Study Broadcast Journalism course, which means one day when he's finished playing football he might be a TV news or sports anchor.    

Good for him. I can't imagine how difficult it is to go back to school with so many other opportunities out there for him in his first NFL offseason. Impressive move by McCluster.