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Two Former Chiefs Defensive Linemen Going Into Hall Of Fame (Not That One)

A pair of former Kansas City Chiefs defensive linemen are going to the Hall of Fame -- no not the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Los Gatos High School Hall of Fame as well as the South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame.

First is Jared Allen who will be one of 10 members who enters the Los Gatos Hall of Fame. His high school coach remembers seeing him for the first time.

"He showed up the first week of summer conditioning and said he was coming to Los Gatos," said Cattolico. "I thought someone was pulling my leg." To Cattolico's relief, it was no joke. Jared Allen would become a Wildcat, and he would have one of the finest seasons in the history of Los Gatos football.

Allen was drafted by the Chiefs in the fourth round of the 2004 draft before they traded him to Minnesota in exchange for multiple draft picks.

Second is Chester McGlockton, who was a 1992 first round pick by the Oakland Raiders and also played with the Chiefs from 1998-2000. He then played for the Denver Broncos which means he played on three of four AFC West teams.

McGlockton will enter into the South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame in a ceremony on May 23. McGlockton was previously working for Jim Harbaugh at Stanford after retiring from the NFL in 2003.