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Popularity Of NFL Teams, According To Facebook Likes

There are all sorts of ways to determine the popularity of each NFL team. Maybe it's revenue, maybe it's attendance or maybe it's Google search trends. Here's a new one, courtesy of SB Nation's Cat Scratch Reader: Facebook like.

Indeed, Cat Scratch Reader went and looked at each NFL team and how many Facebook likes they have (all of them are shown on the team sites at

To no one's surprise, the Dallas Cowboys are first. The Chiefs, though, are 20th. Here's what they said upon compiling the list:

Going through the list, I quickly noticed a few trends. Obviously, winning teams are more popular than losing teams. But it goes deeper than that. Older teams with a tradition of success are far more popular than younger teams that have only been successful a few seasons. Teams with that franchise QB typically have a lot more popularity than teams without the face of the franchise. Overall, if you're here longer you have a bigger fanbase.

The Chiefs have been here for a while and their franchise quarterback is in place yet they rank 20th. I think that goes to show you what those three years (10 wins) did to the fan base. Plus, a big part of it, is simply market size. The Chiefs are in one of the league's smallest markets.