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Are Any Kansas City Chiefs Players Future Hall Of Famers?

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Do the Kansas City Chiefs have any future Hall of Famers?

With Tony Gonzalez's trade two years ago, there are no locks on the Chiefs right now. There are, however, a couple of players that will be brought up in the discussion.

Mike Beacom of Pro Football Weeklyhas come up with a list of current players who could be future Hall of Famers. Under the "Maybe, Maybe Not" section he puts RB Thomas Jones:

There's a chance he'll reach 12,000 rushing yards. Every back in that club is golden (or soon to be).

Jones just passed 10,000 and I'm not sure if he had 2,000 more yards in him so I don't know that he'll make it. He's under contract with the Chiefs for one more year. 

And under the "Don't Hold Your Breath" section he puts LB Mike Vrabel:

Lots of rings, but viewed as mostly an above-average player on great teams.   

Yes, Super Bowl rings, as we've learned, are important in the Hall of Fame.