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Doesn't Sound Like Lions Will Appeal Tampering Charge From Chiefs

The NFL this week found the Detroit Lions guilty of tampering with the Kansas City Chiefs and docked them a seventh round pick and as well as ordered them to swap fifth round picks with the Chiefs, a drop of 14 spots for the Lions.

This week Lions head coach Jim Schwartz said he disagreed with the ruling and hinted that Detroit may appeal the ruling, which they have to do by Monday.

Later this week, Lions GM Martin Mayhew spoke and sounded as if they're "moving on" from the tampering charge and wouldn't be appealing.

"We haven't made a final determination on what the next step is, but from our standpoint, there are so many positive things going on with our franchise and it doesn't make a lot of sense to wallow around in something negative."     

Mayhew said he can take blame for that one and "that's my fault". 

Though the Lions can change their mind, those sound like the words of a man who won't be appealing the ruling.