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Big Names May Hit NFL Free Agency: Jets' Kris Jenkins, Vernon Gholston, Damien Woody, Jason Taylor

The Kansas City Chiefs have kept their roster pretty much intact to this point as they await to find out what will happen with the league's labor deal. With no new deal, there will be no free agency meaning everything will basically freeze.

The New York Jets, though, are taking a different approach. According to the NY Daily News, the Jets will release NT Kris Jenkins, LB Vernon Gholston, OL Damien Woody and LB Jason Taylor

Without free agency, the Chiefs may not have a shot at checking these players out. However, if a deal does, by some miracle, get done soon, it's possible they check out a few of these players. Jenkins has an injury history but, when healthy, is a force at nose tackle. Gholston seemingly has the physical skills but hasn't been able to put it together on the field since the Jets made him a first round pick. The Chiefs should always be looking at offensive linemen so Woody may raise an eye and Taylor is older and I'm not sure if he'll even play anymore.

The move by the Jets was made with money in mind as these were some pricey players. It's interesting to compare other teams, like the Jets and others that are releasing players, so the Chiefs, and the many other teams who aren't making any personnel moves. There's a stark contrast in how some teams are operating.

The next move for many of these teams is to assign players restricted free agent tenders, which will come this week. By Thursday evening, the CBA will be getting ready to expire and we'll enter the unknown.