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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Latest Predictions Have Chiefs Addressing Nose Tackle

Many fans thought this would be the position the Chiefs would address in the first or second round last season, so it’s no surprise to find draft analysts predicting the Chiefs will once again focus on Nose Tackle. It’s a key position in the 3-4 and the Chiefs still have no young talent in the middle.

Ron Edwards is the current defensive tackle along with Shaun Smith, who also played a bit outside. There are some practice squad types, but no major draft investment yet… but that could change with this season’s draft. Mocking the Draft’s latest prediction is a bit of a reach for the position, but at least they admit it: Baylor’s Phil Taylor:

I am well aware that this might be a reach and that the Chiefs tend to shy away from character issues but I went this direction anyway. The Chiefs brass have shown (with Tyson Jackson) that they are not afraid to reach for a player if it fill a need and Taylor has the potential to be a dominate nose tackle.

This comes after other mocks have the Chiefs taking Oregon State's Stephen Paea or Iowa's Christian Ballard. Perhaps none of the three will be taken, but it shows once again that fans and pundits believe the Chiefs should finally address the position.