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2011 NFL Hall Of Fame: Willie Roaf Should Be Confident For Next Year

By now you’ve heard the results of the Hall of Fame voting from Saturday that left several deserving players who sit atop NFL career leaderboards looking in from the outside. Then again, who are you going to remove from among the five that made it? ‘Tis the issue with this year’s Hall of Fame class — too many worthy candidates.

Yet next year, Willie Roaf — the former All-Pro offensive tackle for the Saints and Chiefs — that much more confident considering the logjam is now broken. Sure, there are still several strong candidates for induction, yet according to ESPN’s Bill Williamson, Roaf’s chances are even better next year:

This was a pretty stacked class. Roaf was considered a long shot to make in his first year of eligibility. The fact that Roaf — who played his final four seasons with the Chiefs after playing for the Saints — made the final 10 in his first year of eligibility is a good sign that he will soon be enshrined.