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2011 NFL Draft: Could Chiefs Benefit From Julio Jones Injury?

One of the larger holes on the Chiefs roster looms at wide receiver, where no second wideout stepped up to become a much needed target alongside Dwayne Bowe. As great as a season as Bowe enjoyed, there were also games where the opposing pass defense simply took him out of the game with no threat on the other side. Thus it’s not surprising that the Chiefs would want to fix the issue in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Given most draft predictions, the Chiefs would have to settle for the third best wide receiver at their current draft position of No. 21. Both Georgia wideout A.J. Green and Alabama product Julio Jones were expected to be gone in the first 10 or 15 choices, yet a recent development may change the game.

Yahoo’s Mark Miller notes, “He should be fully healed in eight weeks, but that is not going to help him with teams that want to draft players that are fully healthy and want as few question marks as possible.”

Perhaps this means that the Chiefs can benefit from Jones falling a few slots, making a complete slide to the Chiefs a possibility or at least a much easier trade target. Anything to adequately fill the hole across from Bowe.