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Marc Bulger Could Fit Chiefs Need For Backup Quarterback

The rumors are swirling that in the quarterback starved state the NFL is in, guys like Marc Bulger will always have a chance with some team. The reality come late April is that several NFL franchises need an answer at quarterback and will be reaching for the likes of Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder and Ryan Mallett with high hopes. Even then, there will still be teams left standing with not enough high-caliber prospects entering the league this year (thanks for nothing, Andrew Luck).

Enter the rumors about Bulger, who certainly didn't go out the way he would have liked in 2009. How much left can Bulger have after being out of the league for an entire season and enjoying moderate success, at best, the year before that? Tim Kavanagh at ESPN puts it well when he writes, "Given the number of QB-needy teams, it's a seller's market for someone like Bulger who may have another productive season left in his arm."

Sports Illustrated's Don Banks has teams like the Tennessee Titans and Arizona Cardinals on the list of possibilities, but that he'd rather be near St. Louis where his wife works. After a season and a half out of the league and injury concerns aplenty, there's no (realistic) expectation in Bulger's camp for a starting position. Kansas City may have Matt Cassel entrenched as the starter, but there's a great need for a backup given the probable loss of Brodie Croyle to free agency. In addition, some fans and writers remain unconvinced that Cassel is the long-term answer.

Either way, there's a need at the position in Kansas City as well as the proximity Bulger would desire. Whether that's a match remains to be seen, but the possibility certainly exists that Bulger may not have to leave the state.