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NFL Lockout 2011: Owners, Players Both Blow It

That's it -- we're locked out.

On Friday, the NFLPA filed for decertification, essentially dissolving themselves as a union, which is a legal tactic designed to pressure the owners. The league responded with a lockout at midnight and the players responded with an antritrust suit against the league.

So the future of football is in the courts right now.

There's a ton of legalese involved and, while understanding that is important, so is this -- both sides screwed up. The owners totally screwed the pooch. The players killed the golden goose. Everyone completely, unbelievably blew it.

We'll blame both sides here. It's a shared failure as an NFL exec said on Friday. Both sides knew they would be judged solely on whether a deal got done and they didn't get one done. That tells us they're clearly more interested in themselves than the fans.

If they don't care about us, then we'll blame both of them.

There will be a court battle coming and each side will do their best to secure the most leverage. All we care about, though, is when they sign a deal.

Until then, we blame both sides.