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How The Kansas City Chiefs Will Prepare For NFL Lockout

The Kansas City Chiefs, like the 31 other NFL teams, are making plans in the (likely) event there is a work stoppage. Though things can happen between now and midnight on Thursday, the expiration date of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, we could be facing an NFL lockout. 

If that happens, Chiefs employees will face a salary reduction, according to a report from Adam Teicher in the Kansas City Star. The report states Chiefs employees will face a tiered salary reduction -- highest paid employees are reduced the most -- but no one will be laid off. 

If there is a full 2011 season, the money will be reimbursed. So this means all of the employees at One Arrowhead Drive are definitely hoping that someone gets worked out (as the rest of us are).

The two sides met for meetings on Wednesday and plan to meet again on Thursday. NFL owners are also in Washington D.C., at the site of the negotiations, meeting at a hotel.

We're now just over a day away from finding out what will happen when the clock strikes midnight.