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2011 NFL Mock Drafts Say Stephen Paea To Chiefs Again

The latest mock draft from SB Nation's Brian Galliford boomerangs back to predictable territory when it comes to the Chiefs pick at No. 21 in the first round. Most have the Chiefs addressing one of just a couple positions of need and Oregon's Stephen Paea certainly fills one of those at defensive tackle. Thus, Galliford's guess is a decent bet that might end up coming true in late April.

Galliford has Illinois defensive tackle Corey Luiget going one pick later and Temple's Muhammad Wilkerson going at the end of the first round, so there are a few choices still available for the Chiefs at DT in this scenario. Yet Paea's freakish strength and potential might win Scott Pioli over. As he writes, "He's not a classic fit for the two-gap 3-4 that the Chiefs employ, but brutal strength and solid quicks will make him a nice fit as a nose guard in that scheme."

As usual in the draft, it comes down to the sway of potential versus on field results or technical fit. The Chiefs might be able to find a better fit from the outset, but Paea seems to hold the potential to develop into something really special along the defensive front. Given how players like Albert Haynesworth in the past and Ndamukong Suh in the present can change an entire game with their play, the Chiefs might have to gamble on the upside.