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NFL, Clark Hunt Join Mediation Session With Union To Avoid NFL Lockout

Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt is a member of the NFL's labor committee and, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, he is in Washington, D.C., representing the NFL owners in their negotiation for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement with the NFL Players Association.

The league has previously been criticized for the lack of owners that have attended the meetings but Hunt will be on Tuesday. On Monday, New York Giants owner John Mara was in attendance. It's unclear what other owners are or will be there on Tuesday. 

Hunt is one of 10 members of the NFL's Management Council Executive Committee (CEC) and that group showed up to the talks on March 2. 

The deadline for a new CBA is coming on Friday evening so we're hoping the two sides are making significant progress. The biggest point of contention is believed to be how to split the $9 billion in revenue as well as other issues like the 18-game schedule and the rookie wage scale.

Both sides have agreed to a media blackout so we really don't know where they stand on those issues.