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Former Chief Will Shields Up For College Football Hall Of Fame

In 2012, the Kansas City Chiefs could potentially see two players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame with Willie Roaf, who will be eligible for the second consecutive year, and Will Shields, who will be eligible for the first time. Shields may have the opportunity to join two prestigious Hall of Fames in two years.

Shields was a consensus first-team All-America guard and 1992 Outland Trophy winner. Shields helped lead the Huskers to three NCAA rushing titles before starting his long career with the Kansas City Chiefs.

To be eligible for the ballot, players must have been a first-team All-American, played at least 10 years ago and cannot be currently playing pro football.

Shields was also part of one of the league's best rushing attacks with the Chiefs in the early-to-mid 2000s so rushing success seems to follow him wherever he goes. Funny how that works, huh?

Shields is among 79 players up for induction this year.

(H/T KC Chiefs Blog)