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NFL Lockout Into Season Could Prompt Tony Gonzalez To Retire

I didn't think about this -- if the NFL lockout lasts a full season what will happen to those players near the end of their career who were playing one more year? Someone like Falcons TE and former Chief Tony Gonzalez. He's nearing the end of his time in the league so a full season lockout would likely prompt him to retire, he says.

"Would I sit out a whole season and come back - probably not, honestly," Gonzalez, 35, told Sporting News. "At this point, at my age, I don't know if that would be smart of me to do something like that. But I'm enjoying the offseason, working out and preparing like I always do."

That's too bad. TG already has all the tight end records you could think of but he's still looking for a ring and the Falcons have a real shot next year. 

That said, I don't think a lockout will cost the league a full season. Something, at some point, will get worked out. I'm hoping we don't lose any games.