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NFL Lockout: Kansas City Chiefs Players To Meet Soon

Kansas City Chiefs players would normally be starting their offseason program by now but with the NFL lockout they can't communicate with coaches and can't use team facilities. With most of the players living out of town, there aren't a lot of Chiefs left in Kansas City.

That will change on April 4. Eric Berry told Kevin Kietzmann on 810 WHB on Thursday that at least some players would be meeting on April 4 to apparently plan or organize some sort of offseason meeting.

"The only thing I've been getting from Brian Waters, McGraw and those guys is that they're trying to set up things within the Chiefs," Berry told Kietzmann. "Just trying to get us together, get the players together and discuss some things. We're supposed to be having a meeting on the fourth. We're just trying to get some things ironed out and get a little schedule together I guess."

Waters is on the NFLPA's executive committee and McGraw has been involved as a player rep before. They're the ones that are likely communication a lot of the lockout updates to the team.

For Berry, he says he simply wants to play football. That's what the fans want. That's what the players say they want. That's what the owners say they want.

So why again can't we get a deal done?