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Raiders' Al Davis Is Not In Hospital

The Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders have had a bitter rivalry dating back to the old AFL days. The Raiders' owner, Al Davis, and the Chiefs' owner (back then), Lamar Hunt, had near opposite reputations among the league but were both very important to the future of football.

That said, Al Davis has become, in recent years, a bit of a joke. I'm not trying to insult the guy but he's the punch line with the Raiders recent woes and his physical healthy declining.

Apparently there were rumors recently that Davis was in the hospital but team executive Amy Trask says that's not the case.

"No, he's not in the hospital," Raiders Chief Executive Amy Trask told CSN today. "He's preparing for the draft and he's working, as always.

"The rumors are untrue."

So that's that.

The last time we heard from Davis was when he hired Hue Jackson and I imagine the next time we hear from him will be when he fires Hue Jackson.