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Fred Arbanas On The Old Concussion Tests

Concussions are one of the biggest news generators over the last year or so, especially in the NFL. How to deal with concussions, how to invest into preventing them and how to treat them is something that's been talked about quite a bit.

Though there are always improvements to be made, rules on concussions are very strict relative to what they used to be. Former Chief Fred Arbanas, who ended his career in 1970, talked with FOX 4 in Kansas City and said the concussion tests in his day were vastly different.

"They'd ask you what day is it, where are you?" said Arbanas, a member of the Chiefs Hall of Fame. "If you answered a couple questions right by guessing you'd be back on the field."

We've come a long way but we also have a long way to go.

Back then, they didn't track concussions quite like we do today so I would be curious to see the stats versus the two eras. We have more information and protection these days but the players are also bigger, stronger and faster.

Check out the full story at FOX 4.