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Chiefs Are Lucky They're Not Looking For A Quarterback

The Kansas City Chiefs are looking at a number of positions with their first pick of the 2011 NFL draft but quarterback is not one of those positions.

And for the Chiefs, that's a good thing. A great thing even.

The NFL lockout has eliminated free agency to this point so there are some teams out there who desperately need a quarterback -- lookin' at you, Vikings -- and they may have no choice but to go with a rookie quarterback via the draft. 

Let's say the Chiefs did need a quarterback. They'd be sitting at the 21st pick which is too far down for the top two quarterbacks -- QB Cam Newton and QB Blaine Gabbert -- and it's likely too low for QB Jake Locker, who is considered the third quarterback in this draft.

If they needed a quarterback, they'd be looking at the fourth best one in this draft and, while there are options, it's unlikely they'd find an immediate starter out of the draft.

So the Chiefs are lucky this year. The NFL lockout has kind of screwed the teams looking for a quarterback. The Chiefs should be glad they have theirs set.