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2011 NFL Draft: Chiefs Draft Position Is Unpredictable

Fans might as well roll the dice or spin the wheel when it comes to predicting the Kansas City Chiefs first round choice at No. 21 overall in the 2011 NFL Draft. Mock draft experts aren’t even united on the position the Chiefs will address, let alone the right prospect available at that draft slot. This leaves the Chiefs as a wildcard two-thirds through the first round.

Over at, four writers have the Chiefs heading in four different directions with their choice. Two have the Chiefs going offensive line, although they differ whether it’s a tackle (Anthony Costanzo) or an interior lineman (Mike Pouncey). Other choices include outside linebacker Akeem Ayers or defensive tackle Phil Taylor.

Todd McShay at ESPN has the Chiefs taking an outside linebacker, but he has Brooks Reed as the candidate instead of Ayers. Wes Bunting agrees that Phil Taylor is the choice in his mock at the National Football Post, but that’s after recently switching from Taylor.

In other words, there’s just no way of knowing what Scott Pioli is up to come draft day. Perhaps that means that enough candidates are there that the Chiefs would feel comfortable trading down and adding some choices. Maybe it will be one of the aforementioned players. There’s only one way to tell, however, and it will only come when the commissioner announces the draft choice on Thursday night.