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NFL Draft 2011: Gabe Carimi Makes Sense For Chiefs

I've been thinking more and more about who the Kansas City Chiefs will target in the 2011 NFL draft. There's no shortage of positions they could address: offensive tackle, wide receiver, nose tackle, outside linebacker or even cornerback. There are a lot of different ways they can go.

But I keep going back to offensive tackle. It would do a number of things to help Kansas City.

First, a right tackle could help the Chiefs running game, which is the best in the NFL. The Chiefs know this is their bread and butter so they should do what they can to protect it.

Second, they also need to protect QB Matt Cassel. He's their biggest investment and most important player. The more he's protected, the better he'll play (in theory at least).

Third, it gives them a safe pick. Chiefs GM Scott Pioli likes guy who have high floors -- in other words, guys that have a low chance of becoming a bust. Carimi fits that mold.

I interviewed Carimi this week -- which you can read at Arrowhead Pride -- and right now I would say he's the favorite.