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NFL Draft 2011: Predicting The Chiefs Pick

It's been several months of all 2011 NFL draft talk and I could give you a dozen names the Kansas City Chiefs could be picking. We really can't narrow down and we really don't know who they're interested in.

An offensive tackle would be my guess for the Chiefs at this point. I like Wisconsin OT Gabe Carimi and there are other options including OT Nate Solder and OT Derek Sherrod. I can see either of those guys fitting in KC.

At receiver, there just aren't many (or any) options. There are guys like WR Leonard Hankerson and WR Torrey Smith but I don't think those are 21st pick candidates. So I think they want until the second, third or fourth round to look at receiver.

At nose tackle, it's DT Phil Taylor or bust. I'm not sure he's the Chiefs pick but he's probably the most popular mock draft pick right now. Some smart people are predicting Taylor to KC but it's worth noting that neither Mel Kiper nor Mike Mayock think that's the case.

At linebacker, I could see LB Akeem Ayers. I'm not sure if the Chiefs outside linebacker is at No. 21 but I do think that's a position they're looking at pretty hard.

Who else? Chiefs GM Scott Pioli always surprises us on draft day so I'm expecting the same on Thursday.