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2011 NFL Draft: Chiefs Tied To Offensive Tackle Gabe Carimi

Last season, the running back tandem of Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones made the Chiefs the best running team in football. Yet the strength came against weaker competition than the Chiefs will face this season. Thus, several draft experts have the Chiefs shoring up some question marks along their offensive line with the selection of Wisconsin offensive tackle Gabe Carimi.

The experience of Carimi in a run-first offensive gives him the upper-hand above other tackles who might be available. Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News writes, “The Chiefs want to get bigger, tougher and younger up front. KC has one of the NFL’s best runners in Jamaal Charles — and Carimi has spent a career blocking in one of the best run-oriented offenses in college football.”

Scott Pioli certainly can’t feel good about the Chiefs maintaining the same level of success against much stouter and stronger defensive fronts in 2011. Late season losses against the Chargers, Raiders and Ravens all exposed the Chiefs offensive line, and the 2011 schedule brings more of the same. Thus it’s vital for the Chiefs to strike with some early choice and address the issues to maintain their offensive identity.

The Chiefs could still select a wide receiver, a defensive tackle or even a surprise candidate who slides. Yet at this point, there seems a solid marriage waiting to happen with Carimi’s talents and the Chiefs needs.