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2011 NFL Draft: Top Safety, Tight End Still Available For Chiefs?

While the defensive linemen and quarterbacks have been flying off of the board, some positions still have their best players available sitting at great values for some lucky teams in the NFL Draft. Some draft analysts have mentioned the lack of running backs taken, but tight end and safety have yet to have a single player selected.

This bodes well for teams in need at either or both positions still to choose in the second round. Notre Dame’s Kyle Rudolph compares well to Ravens Pro Bowler Todd Heap, and should provide a nice value for some team willing to make the pick. Another good safety option is UCLA’s Rahim Moore, who is fantastic in coverage and can start immediately.

The Chiefs addressed the safety need in last year’s draft and also chose promising rookie Tony Moeaki at tight end, but when you can find such a solid value, Scott Pioli might have to think about a possibility that he would not have thought possible before the draft.