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2011 NFL Draft: Broncos Bring Impressive Players To AFC West

After the first round selection of Von Miller at No. 2 overall, the Broncos continue to add some impressive pieces to strengthen their club after a miserable season where the team went 4-12 and fell to the basement of the AFC West. New head coach John Fox is in his first year after a long tenure with the Carolina Panthers, and is proving to work well with John Elway in his new administrative role to form the team in his image.

Part of that image is a dominant defense, and Miller will lead a charge that now also includes the top safety in the draft in Rahim Moore. Moore’s coverage abilities will serve him well in a division with Philip Rivers. Another second round selection was Miami (FL) guard/tackle Orlando Franklin who provides great size and versatility along a offensive front that’s growing younger.

The Broncos will continue to add more pieces, but these first few picks look promising for a Denver team in need of good news.