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Football Fans Have Options In Kansas City

Those that are bored or upset with the NFL thanks to the lockout will have options as they search for their football fix. FOX 4 in Kansas City did a news story on another football team in Kansas City -- a women's football team.
The Full Tackle Women's League started the season on Saturday night. You can expect to see its popularity rise. Kansas City has two women's team which shows there is definitely a market for the sport. The women who play say they mean business on the field and they're a lot like any other athlete.    
Like any other athlete but not any other professional athlete. One of the ladies, according to the FOX 4 story, is also an attorney.
"I have a bruise on my arm the size of a softball," she said. "I've been in the courtroom before and the judge brought me up to the pulpit and was like,' ma'am what's going on here'?"
We'll see how popular it gets but, if football if what you're looking for, then the KC Tribe may be what's for you.