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Mike Vrabel, Chiefs Respond To Arrest

Kansas City Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel was arrested early on Monday morning in what he calls an "unfortunate misunderstanding". The details of the case seem to support that. Vrabel was arrested and charged with theft at an Indiana casino.

KMBC 9 in Kansas City reports Vrabel was seen taking bottles of alcohol from a casino deli. Pro Football Talk reports it was eight bottles of beer. Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that it was a dispute over how many beers should be on a bar tab. He was said to have caused no problems during the arrest.

So the details aren't some wild story. It sounds like he did something wrong but far from what you might think at 5:00 a.m. at a casino.

Here's what Vrabel said after the incident became public:

"It was an unfortunate misunderstanding, and I take full responsibility for the miscommunication.  I feel comfortable that after talking with the appropriate parties, we will resolve this matter."     

And here's what the Chiefs, who can't be in contact with him during the lockout, had to say:

"We are aware of the reports regarding Mike Vrabel, but we are not permitted to have contact with Mike at this time. We understand that Mike has communicated publicly that the matter is a misunderstanding for which he takes full responsibility. We hope it is resolved for Mike in a positive way."