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NFL Lockout Case Goes To Court

The NFL lockout is going to court on Wednesday. Lawyers for the NFL owners and players will gather in Minnesota for the first of what is expected to be many appearances in court as the two sides resolve their labor differences.

The NFLPA filed a preliminary injunction against the league for locking the players out. The players hope that Judge Susan Nelson blocks the lockout and orders the NFL to open its doors. The league would presumably put into place the same rules that were in place in 2010.

The NFL hopes that Nelson allows the NLRB to make a decision first. The league filed a complaint with the NLRB several months ago alleging the players weren't negotiating in good faith and that decertification is a sham.

Fans should probably hope for the players to win because it means football will be back sooner. That said, a decision is unlikely to come on Wednesday. Many experts think Nelson could take several weeks to make a decision, which would likely move this after the April 28-30 NFL draft.

So we're back to what we've been doing for a while...waiting.