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Jamaal Charles Losing To Peyton Hillis In Madden '12 Vote

Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles is a six-seed in the Madden 2012 cover bracket and he's already notched a couple of victories to move into the elite eight. He's facing Browns RB Peyton Hillis and surprisingly is losing -- pretty big, too.

Meanwhile, in the battle of running backs, Peyton Hillis has jumped out to a big lead over Jamaal Charles, taking the vote so far by a 58/42 split. But I wouldn't count Charles out so fast, as the speedster from Kansas City has already proven by taking down Tim Tebow and Maurice Jones-Drew that he can generate massive fan support via Twitter.

Charles is taking his case to Twitter -- @jcharles25 -- where he's been campaigning for a victory. 

So do you vote for Charles to be on the cover of Madden...or do you try to avoid the Madden Curse?