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NFL Draft Grades: Todd McShay Weighs In On Chiefs Best And Worst Moves

While we’ve already heard from ESPN NFL draft analyst Mel Kiper on his grade for the Chiefs, his counterpart, Todd McShay also debuted his favorite and least favorite aspects of each team’s draft haul. Specifically, McShay liked some of the players brought in, and especially believes Rodney Hudson can be the long-term answer at center:

Hudson is exactly the kind of player GM Scott Pioli is trying to build the organization around. He’s a high-character, intelligent hard worker, and center is a major need for the Chiefs. Outside of Pouncey, Hudson is the best at the position in this year’s draft.

When considering what he did not like about the Chiefs draft, he points to a general philosophy rather than a specific player, noting the level of risk inherent in the overall Chiefs draft:

Considering how much Pioli emphasizes limiting risk, there are some question marks with first-round WR Jonathan Baldwin, was a menace to his coaches and teammates at Pitt, and third-round DE Justin Houston, who turns his motor off and on like a kitchen faucet.

Clearly this is nothing new for those familiar with Baldwin’s past and Houston’s stock. Some really believe Houston is a major find in the third round, while others remain skeptical of his potential impact. Only time will tell on either of these.