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NFL Draft Grades: KC Star's Randy Covitz Gives Chiefs 'B+'

As the mixed grades and opinions continue to roll in, at least one local sportswriter was impressed with the Chiefs overall draft haul. Randy Covitz from the Kansas City Star broke down every team in the NFL in his most recent column and favored the Chiefs over several other draft classes with an overall B+ rating.

Covitz centers his grade on the Chiefs not simply grabbing value but placing that value with essential needs on the current roster:

The Chiefs checked off all their needs in Baldwin, a tall target for Matt Cassel; Hudson as successor to C Casey Wiegmann; Houston as an outside pass rusher; Brown as an extra corner; and Powe at nose tackle where youth was needed. Stanzi can replace Brodie Croyle as a developmental QB. Miller might be a long-term project, and Bannon needs to play well on special teams to earn a roster spot.

It’s a quick summation, but he’s right on all counts. In fact, some of his snap judgments ring true especially of the late draft picks Gabe Miller and Shane Bannon. Everyone has their work cut out for them, but with Miller especially at outside linebacker/defensive end, there’s already other rookies and even last year’s Cameron Sheffield waiting in the wings.